JOY Radio, Wednesday, August 17th

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that tomorrow morning I’m the guest on JOY Radio with Pattie Welek Hall and YOU have the option to a) listen live, b) listen after the fact by using the link, or c) not listen at all which is my kids’ (usual) plan.

The bad news is that I still have bronchitis so you can only imagine how Carmela Soprano-ish I sound. And to think, I’m going to READ from 500 Acres. Please, somebody order a hit.

If you’d like to CALL IN and LISTEN LIVE, please do so at 10:50am (not 10:30, like Facebook says). Here’s the number: 1-714-868-0752. I’ll be on from 11:00am-11:30am.

If you’d like to listen when it’s convenient for you (and after 11:30am tomorrow), here’s the link to JOY Radio.

And, finally, if you’d like to send me a suggestion as to what chapter I should read, I’d love it. Please leave me a note in the comments section below. Thanks!

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2 Replies to “JOY Radio, Wednesday, August 17th”

  1. Hi Susan! Just finished reading your new book and loved it! Especially since I am your neighbor in Middleburg and could relate to so much of your local humor! (I too have been in the Windy Hill fashion show and felt like my supermodel dream had come true…especially since I am 5’5″!) Anyway, hope to meet you someday (heard you will coming to Library for reading in Nov?) or catch you in Tully Rector at their sale! So sorry to hear of loss of your dear Hem…your humor and courage are inspiring…your boys are so fortunate to have you as mom! Janet

  2. Susan:
    Congratulations on your memoir(s) both of which I”ve read and enjoyed. Just
    like having a coffee clatch or wine tasting date with you! IN 1999, we retired
    to woodsy Wisconsin and had it not been for the Internet (slow speed only) I
    woulda gone crazier than I am. I’m donating your books to the local
    library so more women than me get to read them and laugh.
    So sorry about the death of your husband. Hope his spirit remains with
    you and you continue your writing.
    cynthia smith

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