I sat down to post pictures of my Miami escape…..

and to tell you how fun it was to drink Bloody Mary’s all day on the beach, dance ’til the wee morning at Mango’s, recover with a sixty-minute massage, and then do it all over again, but I made the mistake of opening my email.

One of my husband’s dearest friends was just diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. His doctors have given him 90 days. Frankly, I am sick at the news. Sick at the memories it brought back. The feelings of helplessness, and disbelief, and fear so deep I thought I was going to faint in front of the surgeon.

I will never forget that day. And maybe tomorrow, when I’ve forced this pain that’s bubbled up back in its little box, I’ll take a stroll down South Beach memory lane. But today I’m going to pray for Don. Thank you for doing so, too.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sad it helps to spend money. These are very good causes if you’re so inclined:

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4 Replies to “I sat down to post pictures of my Miami escape…..”

  1. Hugs!
    Breathe deeply, remember, and hug your kids.
    There are no words…
    Other than this: “A little chocolate does the mind and the body good in times like these.” I got a box of 36 if you need some. 🙂
    Love you lots!!

  2. We hate cancer in my family, too. And everytime a friend (inoperable brain cancer) and/or a cousin (indocrine cancer)or other famiy member (colon, lung, breast, multiple myeloma) is diagnosed, we relive our fear, sadness, and overwhelming feelings of being out of control in our lives. We can sympathize with you..without, of course, “knowing” how you feel personally! Prayers for Don, his family and friends! And here I sit, crying again, for my mom, younger brother, old college friend and cousin..and thinking of yours…..

  3. Susan, I don’t know what to say. It’s so hard to come up with words at a time like this. Of course my thoughts and prayers go to you and your friends. I am a member of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and do a walk at the Detroit Zoo every year. I will include Don and Stu when I do the walk and put them on the big “In Memory Of” banner that is posted for signatures. Hang in there girl. We know God doesn’t give us more than he thinks we can handle. BUT, enough is enough. My best to you and the boys and Tug too. Love ya!

  4. i am so sorry for your friend, and for the sad memories this brings to mind. we have a prayer list at my church and just yesterday, a friend and i were agog at how over half….half of the 30 people on the list, were on it for cancer….just unacceptable. please know you are being hugged and prayers are being offered….and also, eating is a good idea when sad….just sayin’

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