496 to go!

How do you folks do it? How do you write 500 words in one day, get them cleaned up, comprehensible, sometimes very funny, and post the whole shebang online? I am terrible at this. I fight with every thought, with the words to express those thoughts, with punctuation, sentence structure, with my brain screaming “You can’t write 500 words a day because you don’t have anything to say!” Of course that may be the real reason, but I refuse to believe it.

I’m a mom. A wife. A public speaker. An  for Pete’s sake. And I’m a Jersey girl — a first born Jersey girl. We always have something to say. Things like, “I love your top!” to a perfect stranger at the supermarket. Or “That’s the one to watch!” to another perfect stranger who just happened to be scanning the selections in the Red Box next to Walgreens when I peeked over her shoulder, saw that “Nobody” was an option and since I really believe that everybody should watch “,” I rather enthusiastically suggested it. I felt bad that she dropped her purse and I apologized but still, she rented it.

In those situations I have something to say. But get to my desk, flip open my laptop, and see the terrifying white tundra of a new Word document and I’ve got — you guessed it — nada. Nothing.

(You know you want to see where this is going … so go here. Thank you!)