Are you “addicted” to something because – rumor is – it will improve your health or memory or the little patch of athlete’s foot that pops up between your toes during sandal season (of course it does!) and yet no matter how long you use, eat, drink, or do that particular thing it does nothing? Me too.

I have a serious addiction to snake oils. You know, skincare products that promise to make me Look Ten Years Younger!

Yeah, right.

I mean, I’d take five years younger.

Or maybe just a month.

None of them work but does that stop me from buying them? Of course not. I find a new, magic elixir almost daily on BuzzFeed (believe it or not), and consequently spend an inordinate amount of time (not to mention money), stocking up on stuff I know in my heart (not to mention my crow’s feet) won’t help.

I realize it’s a flaw. But I also think it’s proof of my innate optimism. I have faith that someday, the researchers and scientists working their youth away to return mine to me, will succeed.

And when that stuff hits BuzzFeed, I’m stocking up.

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