You know how when you’re giving up sugar the first few days and weeks are so hard you don’t think you’ll make it and then, suddenly, the cravings are gone? That’s how I felt at first about being unable to caress the pillows in HomeGoods or have my hair done. I wasn’t sure I’d survive without retail therapy and my, um, special “mental health” days. Now though, having been in the house for most of March and all of April I can tell you that, honestly? I’m fine being home. I’m blessed to have everything I need right here, or within striking distance.

For example, I need to watch the ducks who pay us a visit every day. They seem to know about this new and highly unusual need of mine, so they make themselves available. I cannot thank them enough.

Yesterday I watched them playing in Lake McCord, our personal body of water that collects near the driveway every time in rains.

I also need to see my kids (and sweet Joel, who lives next door), feed them, and play poker with them.

“You should fold!” My son Casey is on the right. Joel, our neighbor’s son, is on the left.

Yes, I need to play poker with them because they laugh and fool around and I love to watch them having fun. I also secretly hope one of them will let me win someday.

And having mentioned food, I must add that I need it, too. Old favorites,

My sweetheart, Robert, making my mom’s tomato sauce.

Other old favorites,

Casey learning to make my mom’s chicken cutlets.

And new stuff, too.

There’s so many great recipes in this book!

I’m doing my best to stay out of the kitchen but I’ll tell you, when Robert has the crock pot going and the aroma wafts my way, it’s so hard not to give in and dig in. All the way in. To the point where the answer to “What’s for dinner?” really is DiGiorno.

I hope that, today and always, you are staying safe and healthy, and that you have all you need. Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing.