“Just what does Susan do when she’s not writing or corralling cattle in high heels?” She entertains new friends and shows off farm equipment!

Above, my new friend Dawn, me, and our mammoth John Deere. This picture was taken by my other new friend, Bill Glose, who came to interview me on behalf of Virginia Living Magazine. My interview will appear in the November/December issue, but a write-up of our visit will appear on Bill’s site sooner than that, I’m sure. Please check it out, particularly his Walk Across Virginia. He and Dawn have traversed almost every part of the state, including the four miles between Claude Thompson Elementary School and my house. Yes, that was me you saw unceremoniously throwing Bill and Dawn out in the CTE parking lot Saturday morning so they could…yes…walk back.

God love ’em. Two of the nice people I’ve ever met and totally dedicated. I’d have been hitching a ride in that heat!
And in other news, 500 Acres and No Place to Hide is going back for a second printing. Thank you all so much for your support. xoxo