I spent yesterday afternoon at Philip Carter Winery with one of my dearest friends: the beautiful and super smart Jennifer Heyns, author of Bargaining for Our Lives: Navigating the World of Healthcare without Insurance. If you got there, you already know that the music was great, the four-legged family members were out in force (and none of them peed on my boots – a plus!), and the wine was delish. If you didn’t get there, don’t worry; I took some pictures so you could see what you missed…

Jenn & Philip

Jennifer Heyns and Philip Carter


Philip Carter Winery

Books and wine. Need I say more?

Philip Carter Winery

If I’m holding a dog, you know I’m drinking. 🙂

About the pretty white pup. His name is Pomeroy and he’s one of two Virginia Wine Dogs that blog. How he and his sister see the keyboard under all that hair I don’t know, but I’m guessing they get some human help.

And speaking of human help, Jenn and I got some too. Thanks to Trish and Brian, Adrienne and Michelle, Karen, Janelle, Renee and Chuck, Becky, Michelle, and Cyndi for hanging out with us. And many thanks to Dick and Philip for inviting us in the first place!

Next up for me: the Middleburg Women Networking Luncheon on November 17th.  What to wear, what to wear…