When last we met, I was bellyaching about how horribly I was feeling. Sweating, panic attacks, the inability to catch my breath, the whole nine yards. Many of you left me comments and messages offering ideas about what might be ailing me beyond my anxiety (aka, the Big A.). Thank you. All definite possibilities. And all panic attack-inducing.

I spent a lot of time on WebMD looking into each suggestion (A Fib and Hashimoto’s Disease, among them), and scaring myself silly. Why do I go on those sites?  I can still hear my previous doctor telling me to stay away from Google which worked about as well as his telling me to stay away from carbohydrates. Pass on the pasta? I don’t think so.

Tooling around WebMD provided no answers, which gave my anxiety anxiety. Clearly it was time to call in the big guns.

The remainder of this post concludes here. Thanks for making the leap! xoxo