And that’s as close as I’m going to get to dressing (or, God forbid, behaving) like fictional magazine editor Miranda Priestly (played by the always spectacular Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada) in my new role as editor of a brand new women’s magazine called SHE!

SHE Banner

Written by busy women for busy women, SHE! covers the topics that call to a woman’s soul. Fashion. Family. Good books. Great getaways. Fine wine. Fun cocktails. Trail blazing heroines. And a whole lot more. The debut issue will be available on newsstands in Northern Virginia on October 12th. I hope you’ll pick up a copy and send us a photo of yourself reading SHE! with the hashtag #wheredidyouseeshe. You can find SHE! on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (shemagazineva) so please “like” and “follow”and let us know how we can make SHE! the best it can be. We’re eager to hear from you.

You know, in my 20+ years of being in magazines, I was always on the business side. I started as an assistant in the ad sales department and worked my way up to Marketing Director. Somewhere along the way, I started writing and pitching magazines my slice of life essays, but I never spent a single, solitary second on the editorial side until now. And I’ll tell you, I love it. Working with writers, photographers, hair and makeup people, and fashion stylists (pssst….my favorite is having a HUGE SALE now through Friday. Stop in and see Sandra Packwood at Do You…DeJaVu, 43 Main Street in Warrenton, and tell her I sent you. You’ll love her stuff and her style, and you’ll leave looking like a million bucks without breaking the bank.) is the most fulfilling, challenging, joyous experience I’ve ever had. I’m the luckiest girl in the world – thanks to Pam Symington and the powers that be at Piedmont Media.

If you’re an advertiser and you want to reach the demographic that makes 98% of the purchasing decisions (yep, that would be women), give Pam a buzz at 540-347-4222 (or

If you’re a clotheshorse who can’t resist a sale (me! me!), go see Sandra Packwood, pronto.

And if you’re ready for a magazine that’s classy, a little sassy, and written for real women by real women, look for SHE! October 12th. And do tell us, #wheredidyouseeshe ?