I’ve had beach dreams – dreams of moving to the beach – for forever.

As a kid, I cried when we came home from our vacations in Chadwick Beach, New Jersey. When Stu and I were dating and hitting Jenkinson’s Pavilion in Point Pleasant every weekend, I used to beg him to leave me there. (I figured he could come back the following weekend to visit!) And when he passed away and I took the boys to Myrtle Beach that summer, I recall telling my friend Teri that one day, I was going to figure out how to make my beach dreams come true and, when I did, I was finally going to let my hair be it’s curly self.

Six years after that conversation, I met Robert. On February 10, we’re getting married. In Naples, Florida, on the water, near the beach we plan to move to in the not so distant future. Yes, I’ll be wearing my wild curls that day and every day.

My point is simply this: don’t give up on your dreams. Think about them every single day. Tell others about them. Put them “out there.” It might take awhile for them to come true, and they might not come true exactly as you imagined they would (I figured I’d be alone enjoying the ocean, but God saw fit to bring Rob’s love into my life – most likely so I wouldn’t drown!), but they can come true.

What’s your beach dream? Put it out there.