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Susan McCorkindale is a motivational TEDx speaker and the author of two Amazon bestselling memoirs. A popular keynote speaker known for her high-energy, humorous, and captivating presentations, Susan speaks frequently on the topics of resilience, grief, and the role of humor in helping people bounce back and stay back.


Audience response to Susan McCorkindale’s TEDx Tysons talk:

“One of the only TED Talks I’ve heard with an idea that is immediately actionable – it’s not a takeaway, it’s something that changes you right then and there.”

“Susan McCorkindale has taken an everyday issue and given it a voice.”

“If death is one of the only guarantees in life, then Susan McCorkindale’s talk will make you realize that allowing your grief in is the only way we’ll all make it out alive.”

“Susan McCorkindale inspires! There are so many lessons in her story and it is a gift to so many that she has the courage to share her experiences.”

“Susan McCorkindale shares real life experience. Loss of many types are part of living, whether it’s a job, relationship, illness or death. Her honesty and humor opens you to listening, understanding and learning. I will be sharing her TEDx talk with my clients, family and friends.”


Audience response to previous talks:

“I have heard Susan speak to three different audiences and hit a home run each time. She can tailor her unique craft to fit any audience, from college students, to women’s groups, to a room full of all ages, and grab their hearts, make them laugh and cry, and leave them feeling full of hope and inspiration.”
Sandi Pope, Development Officer, Germanna Community College

“Susan is a natural-born comedian who uses her humor to help present important information. After hearing her speak about the trials she has faced and the path she took to care for her family, I left inspired to implement positive change in my own life. I look forward to the opportunity to hear Susan again.”
David Urso, Executive Director, Lord Fairfax Community College Educational Foundation

“Susan spoke to my organization when her first book, Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl, came out. She is a captivating speaker with charm and a dry wit, and the rave notices about her speech got the members of Fauquier Women, Inc. and my personal book club, to attend her 500 Acres and No Place to Hide book signing in a hundred degree heat!”
Linda L. Dick, President, Fauquier Women, Inc.

Book Susan!

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