500 Acres And No Place To Hide

500 Acres And No Place To Hide : Susan McCorkindale, Author

In this charming, poignant, and uproarious follow-up to Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl, Susan McCorkindale chronicles the continuously harrowing journey of what happens when you leave the big city for the land of wide-open spaces.

When Susan’s husband dragged her from the ‘burbs to the back of beyond, she thought she’d never live to see hers sons approach redneck status—and be happy about it. But after four years of living among the cows and goats instead of fashionistas and Wall Street tycoons, Susan has almost adjusted to life on the farm—even if she does miss the occasional grande soy mocha latte.

But “City Suzy” hasn’t gone completely country. In fact, she’s made farm life fit her, not the other way around. That’s why you’ll find her attempting to put pink collars on her sons’ bull calves, and campaigning hard for pair of Hampshire hogs (“They have black bodies with white ‘belts’ around their shoulders. Pretty snazzy for swine, no?”) She’ll never be a real farm girl, but as you’ll see from her sidesplitting confessions, she’s faking it just fine.

“Self-deprecating and funny… This second memoir is grounded by the author’s husband’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. Unexpectedly, the book’s mood does not darken after this revelation. Instead, in the same very personal, very honest voice that characterizes her lighter passages, she shares how the ridiculous, the annoying, and the sublime are interwoven against the stark reality of his illness. It is this honesty and her bravery in the face of paralyzing fear that readers will admire.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“500 Acres and No Place to Hide will just as easily make readers laugh as wipe tears from their eyes.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Silly, funny, poignant and heart breaking all at the same time.”

“Real, refreshing, and a total riot.”

“Saucy, but deeply honest. McCorkindale’s wit and wisdom are amazing.”
— Laura Collins, Author, Eating with Your Anorexic

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