Don’t tell. Sell!

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Before I became an author I was, and still am, an advertising copy writer. You know, one of those folks who write the ads that fill your favorite magazine, pop up on billboards along the highway, and come on between songs on your preferred radio station. To me, there’s nothing more fun than convincing an unsuspecting consumer to buy something she or he didn’t know they needed! If you and your business could use some help in the ad copy department, tune in Friday, February 1st at 11am to “Be Better At Business TV.” I’ll be talking with host Jamie Gorman of Sigma Business Management about how to make your words work so that the end result is less telling and more SELLING!



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Interview on Conversation Crossroad

If you’ve never heard of Conversation Crossroad, please take a minute to check out this very cool blog talk radio show. Last night I had the pleasure (and fun!) of being interviewed by Garrison Leykam, co-host of the show. If you’d like to hear it (and I do think it will crack you up), you can listen right here. Just click on the arrow below. Enjoy!

Listen to internet radio with conxroad on Blog Talk Radio
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A picture perfect book tour.

Since the book tour for 500 Acres and No Place to Hide kicked off on August 1st, I’ve probably collected two hundred pictures of all those who’ve joined me at signings and invited me to speak at book club meetings. Thought you’d enjoy seeing some of them, and maybe spotting yourself in a few!

DCAA Book Club, VA

Warrenton Book Club, VA

Lord & Taylor, Westfield, NJ

Book Revue, Long Island

Barnes & Noble, Georgetown

Barnes & Noble, Georgetown

Barnes & Noble, Westport, CT

Scottie and me (pre B&N Westport!)

Salon Emage, Warrenton, VA

Salon Emage

Joan Hamburg (aka, The Great One)

Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield, NJ

Joyce and Me (love the pearls!)

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JOY Radio Interview

Ok folks, I’ve never tried to insert a link to one of my radio interviews before, so this may not work. But it’s Friday, it’s sunny and cool, and I’m feeling pretty technologically proficient (thought that may just be because I finally got a decent night’s sleep!). If the link works, you’ll be able to listen to my interview with Pattie Welek Hall of JOY Radio. She’s great. Her show is great. And I think you should get to know each other. So here goes nuthin’…

Listen to internet radio with JOYRadio with PattieWelekHall on Blog Talk Radio
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