Happy-olas 2

Gladiolas are one of my favorite flowers. Chris knows this and, as a surprise, he planted a dozen in front of our house. Aren’t they pretty? When I discovered them, I said, “Thank you, honey! They make me so happy!” To which he replied, “I know they do. That’s why I call them Susan’s Happy-olas.”

When I’m sitting here, doing my best to cobble together a few hopefully funny sentences, I glance outside and think, 500 more words, and you can take a break and cut a bunch! They’re a great incentive, and they smell a whole lot nicer than the wet dog flopped at my feet.

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Hoping there’s a manuscript in this mess


On one hand, I’m proud that this coming Labor Day will mark four years since 500 Acres And No Place To Hide came out. On the other hand, I’m really disappointed that I’ve yet to write another book. I used to be rather prolific, really organized, and hyper-focused. These days I’m the poster woman/wife/mom for manic. One minute I’m at my desk writing, the next I decide to get more coffee, become distracted by the dishwasher, start to unload it but stop because I have a thought I need to write down before I forget, race to my office, pass my son’s room, remember his rugby shorts are in the dryer, dash down to the basement to retrieve them, throw in another load, fold everything, race back upstairs to put it all away only to discover a dirty bowl and spoon on my son’s dresser that sends me back to the kitchen where the half unloaded dishwasher awaits and I smack myself in the head for forgetting about it.

It’s tough to get a book written in this condition.

I have, however, filled dozens of notebooks like those pictured above with essays, snippets of conversations, and random thoughts, and have book ideas, lists of titles, chapter notes, and even entire chapters written and saved in more than two dozen files on my computer. I was looking at a lot of it this morning when it crossed my mind that there might be enough material for a new book. Of course I suddenly needed more coffee, went to the kitchen, decided I’d be much more inspired drinking out of my favorite orange and white coffee mug, couldn’t find it, realized it was in the dishwasher, began unloading the dishwasher and, well, you know the rest.

I’ll look at it all again tomorrow. I plan to make my coffee in my office so I don’t have to go to the kitchen. This should work until I need to use the bathroom, decide the towels need to be washed and if I’m doing them I might as well gather all the laundry, run down to the basement, and, you know, never come back.

S. xo

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Free Funny Films!


Happy New Year everyone!

I am posting this today for my dear friend Marianne Clyde. Please join her (and me, I’m going too!) for these really funny films and beat the winter blues this February. . .

NEW in 2015! The Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy is partnering with Fauquier Health Wellness Center to bring you FREE Funny Films in February to help you overcome the winter blues! Mark your calendars. Plan your ‪#‎Datenight‬ now!

What? Free Funny Films in February

Who? Brought to you by the Marianne Clyde Center and Fauquier Health

When? Saturday evenings in February at 6:30 PM

Feb 7 Groundhog Day (PG)
Feb 14 50 First Dates (PG-13)
Feb 21 Bruce Almighty (PG-13)
Feb 28 City Slickers (PG-13)

Where? Fauquier Health Wellness Center, 419 Holiday Court, Suite 200, Warrenton, VA 20186

Why? This time of year, many people experience the winter blues. Some even experience a deeper sadness or depression called seasonal affective disorder. My recommendations include scheduling something to look forward to throughout the winter: a vacation, a party, dinner with friends, a new experience, play winter sports, take a walk, get outside as much as you can.

So to help with this, I have decided to offer funny movies as a service to the community. Fauquier Health is offering the space, as well as popcorn. What a great way to have a “date night” free of charge. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Due to limited space, we ask that you call this number 540-316-2656 to register and we will save you a space!

C’mon, let’s laugh our way through til spring!

Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy offers counseling for individuals, couples and families, groups and services to the community like this one. To schedule an appointment, call 540-347-3797.

**** HAVE YOU SIGNED YET? Please sign the petition to build a mental health facility in Fauquier!


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This is the face of depression

Susan McCorkindale

I’m one of the 14.8 million adults in America who suffer from depression. Clearly I’m not embarrassed to share this fact. I mean, it’s not like I pull the wings off flies or pilfer my son’s college savings to pay for Botox. That’s stuff to be embarrassed about. But when it comes to depression, anxiety, and all of those pesky mental health issues most folks would prefer to sweep under the rug, I’d be ashamed of myself if I didn’t share my experience and advocate for more and better mental health services in our community.

According to the Mental Health America Parity or Disparity 2015 Report, among adults in America, 42.5 million suffer from some kind of mental illness, 19.7 million have a substance abuse problem, and 8.8 million report serious thoughts of suicide. Among children/youth, 6.2 million suffer from an emotional, behavioral, or developmental issue, 1.6 million have a substance abuse problem, 2.1 million report having at least one major depressive episode in the last year, and 8.01% report having attempted suicide once in the last year. In addition, twice as many females (10.5%) attempted suicide as males (5.4%).

Those are some scary stats. You know what else is scary? When someone suffers a mental health crisis in Fauquier County, their family has to travel tremendous distances to get them care. Why? Because we don’t have a single inpatient facility anywhere nearby. Can you imagine having a car accident, a heart attack, or breaking your leg and having to drive to Prince William or Winchester to get treated? That would be ridiculous, and we’d all be up in arms about it. But a mental health facility? Shhhhh. We don’t talk about that stuff, and we certainly don’t want a place like that in our backyard!

Maybe I’m alone out here, but I for one think we have to talk about “that stuff,” and we should be proud to have an inpatient mental health hospital in our backyard.

If you feel similarly, please join me, along with the Mental Health Association of Fauquier County, and Fauquier Citizens for Mental Health Access in signing this petition.

Thank you.




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