Copy Writing


    Before I became an author I was, and still am, an advertising copy writer. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone sell something to somebody. I write consumer and trade advertising, product taglines, brochures, email blasts, sales materials, web content, you name it, and have done so for Traditional Home, Popular Science, USA Weekend, and Family Circle magazines, and clients as diverse as Clairol, Schick, Mastercard, Dove, Duracell, and Liz Claiborne.


Client: Family Circle Magazine – Media: Print

Client: Classic American Home Magazine – Media: Print

Client: Traditional Home Magazine – Media: Print

Client: Popular Science Magazine – Media: Direct Mail

Client: Graphish Studio for Liz Claiborne – Media: Brochure
Client: Strategic Direct for Fujifilm – Media: FSI

Client: Graphish Studio for Mastercard – Media: Print

Client: Just Cause Marketing for Schick – Media: FSI
Client: MGR for Unilever – Media: FSI


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