Yesterday we booked our tickets to Belize. We’ll fly from Dulles, to Houston, to Belize City.

When we arrive, we’ll take a small (but hopefully not too small) plane to Placencia which looks really warm and inviting…

Belize beach

and which hopefully has nothing to do with placenta which, while it might be warm, would in no way be inviting.

We’ll stay for a night, maybe two, at Michelo Suites. I plan to check out a few Mayan ruins, the cocktails,  and the sunset,

Belize sunset

while Chris breaks in his fishing, snorkeling, and scuba gear. Don’t worry. I intend to bring floaties and a few of those pool noodles for myself. I’ll also pack shorts, tee shirts, bathing suits, and a couple of baseball caps. But no flat iron. I cave to my curls on these trips which is why I’m also not bringing a camera.

Just kidding. We always bring a camera. How else do you think my Facebook friends got treated to photos like this? Susan sailing

No makeup. Frizzy hair. Why in hell do I look so happy?

At some point we’ll board Dragon Fly, the 65′ Catamaran (aka floating health care clinic) we’re helping transport from Belize to Panama, and commence the sailing portion of our adventure. Chris will help captain (i.e. steer the boat, bark orders about turning into the wind, and catch dinner at the same time), while I’ll be in charge of making coffee, dispensing sunblock, and finding new places to hide when Chris announces it’s time to turn the boat into the wind.

When we reach Panama in early February, we’ll head home but Dragon Fly will continue on to its ultimate destination: Tonga. The goal is to bring health care to remote islands.

Sea Mercy

We think it’s a worthwhile cause and, if you’d like to help, you can volunteer to go with us (I promise to help you find cover when the whole turn the boat into the wind! business begins), or you can purchase a bottle of Pearmund Cellars’ 2011 Old Vine Chardonnay with the special Sea Mercy label. (Sea Mercy is the non-profit organization for which Dragon Fly is sailing.) For $100 you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a day of sailing with Chris and me on the Chesapeake, dinner, and an overnight stay in Annapolis. All $100 will be donated to Sea Mercy.

Didn’t mean to make this a pitch, just an update on what we’re doing and when.

And how frightening I’ll look doing it.

Love ya,