I think I can hear an echo in here

I promise, I really do, to stock up before you come home. I’ll fill it with steaks and Alfredo sauce and of course more eggs. I think there are three in that carton right now. And don’t worry, I’ll get Gatorade and ginger ale and those chicken things you like, too. I didn’t take a picture of the freezer, but there are two full gallons of chocolate ice cream in there just waiting for you to slather in chocolate syrup and enjoy. (Don’t worry, I threw out the leftover, bizarre frozen baguettes we somehow took with us when we left what’s his name’s house. I took the strange bread and left the Maserati. What was I thinking?) Since you’re certain to come home with a hankering for meat pies and all the cool things you’ve been enjoying in New Zealand, I promise to leave some room so we can stock up on the new stuff too. But for now, I’m sort of enjoying our empty fridge. For one thing, it’s much easier to clean. And when the wine refrigerator gets too full, I can stick the extras in without a hassle.

Your bathroom’s a little less cluttered, as well.



clean bathroom

Hmmm. Should I ditch the zombie plaque for the other?

I mean, it’s the one the girls use when they visit, so I had to pretty it up a bit. Don’t worry, your razors, vitamins, hair products, nail clippers, sunscreens, retainers, shampoos, body washes (yes, I cleaned out the shower too; sometimes the girls stay over!), etc. are all tucked away safely, and I promise to return them to their proper, scattered spots prior to your return. Although ya gotta admit, it does look kinda nice like this.

As for your bedroom, never fear. It’s fine. The same. I plan only to paint.

And I really think you’ll like the shade of pink I’ve picked out.


Mom xoxo