A million years ago I was on a bus in NYC on my way to school (I went to Marymount Manhattan College, best four years of my life until my kids came along), when I looked up at one of the huge skyscrapers and thought, “I’ll bet they publish a big, fat, glossy magazine up there. Wow, I’d love to be a magazine editor.” I didn’t pursue that thought, though I did go into magazines, and I did ultimately find out that the building I looked at wasn’t home to Hearst or Conde Nast or any of the major magazine publishers, but isn’t it crazy that years later I should find myself a magazine editor? And I love it. Best job I’ve ever had. And I don’t have to commute to a skyscraper to do it.

The other thought I recall having – and this one I did share with my best friend Trish – is that someday I wanted a job where I could work with all my favorite women. Smart, strong, talented, take-no-prisoners, dish-no-drama women driven to help other women. And you know what? I got that job. As editor of SHE! and InPrince William, Times Business, Living 29 and any of the other magazines and special sections my fantastic publisher comes up with, I get to work with all my favorite women. Even better? I’ve met more smart, strong, talented, take-no-prisoners, dish-no-drama women and my Go-To Girl network has exploded. I can’t tell you how incredible it is.

Oh wait. I did just tell you. That’s good, because I think starting another post with “Did I ever tell you?” would be a bit repetitive!


Oct 2016 Debut Issue

SHE Magazine

Winter 2016 Second Issue



Spring 2017 Issue


From left: Sandra Packwood, Amy Bakalov, Carolyn Thombs and Erika Postelle. Just a few of the Go-To Girls I couldn’t live without.

SHE contributors

And where would I be without Maddi Mae, (far right, black and white sweater)? Model, musician, and super cool SHE! contributor.