The word distraction has a bad rap and rightly so. When we get distracted by something, it usually results in our not doing something else. Like the laundry. Or watching the kids at the mall. Or even, but not often (I swear!) going to work.

That last one worries me most. I mean, I’d hate to have my boss get distracted and forget to pay me every two weeks.

Of course distractions, flawed as they are, can be a good thing. Why? Because the right distraction can fuel us, make us happy, give us something wonderful to look forward to.

My new favorite distraction which, I dare say, is fast becoming a hobby, is studying different accents. I bound out of bed in the morning, race downstairs with my laptop, log onto YouTube and practice sounding like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny or Jodie Comer in Killing Eve. It’s so much fun.

I also think this new hobby will “accent” (sorry, couldn’t resist) my other hobbies – eating out and drinking great wine – nicely and am looking forward to one day making a dinner reservation at a Russian restaurant and having the maître d say:

“Ok, vee haf you down for seven sirty. Now, tell me vhat part of old country you come from?”

It’s gonna be great. Now join me in talking about vhat kind of distractions make you feel fabulous!

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