DeJaVu 43 Main Street, Warrenton

It’s rare that I leave DeJaVu, the adorable consignment shop at 43 Main Street in Warrenton, without a fabulous Michael Kors bag or Ann Taylor top in my hands. It’s even rarer that I leave without buying jeans  (I’m a total jeans hoarder), and something, anything, a scarf, skirt, pair of shoes, or belt in my favorite color: beige.  If you’ve been there, you know why I think the store’s so terrific. And if you’ve been there lately, then you know why my enthusiasm has reached a whole new level. DeJaVu is now carrying signed copies of 500 Acres And No Place To Hide, More Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl. So go in and do a little shopping. Pick up something Chanel, Armani, or Boden, and of course a good book. And tell Alison and Sandra Susan sent you. Thanks!