The other day I felt just like this poor woman looks. Sitting at my desk, staring into space, wondering where my inspiration (and my flat iron) went. And then I opened my email and discovered a note from a reader that changed my mood completely. I haven’t included the whole thing, just the parts that motivated me to push on and “make words” as Chris likes to say.

I so enjoyed reading both books and had many ‘laugh-out-loud’ moments… I liked them so much that at this very time I have purchased a copy of each book to send to my dear friend in Wichita, KS for her birthday next week. Rest assured that I am keeping my two books… In closing I would like to say thank you for writing two outstanding books and teaching everyone that humor is a good thing to have and yours is amazing Susan. Keep it up…”

I’m keeping it up. And I don’t even care how my hair looks. Well, maybe just a little.