Fall brings me back to sweating in the stands at the start of every season of Ridgewood Junior Football. These are not those same stands, but they could be, and I can feel the sweat and see the makeup running off the faces of the moms who sit in them. I’m certain my friends Terry, Lisa, Barb, M.C., Vivian, and Maggie recall those days as well; the season starting in the 90’s and ending with us freezing our choppers off, the sweating heightened and the freezing slightly mitigated for those of us chasing little ones out of the creek and all too frequently off the field during a game (hello, Cuyler!). Those were such great days and they are some of my favorite memories. It was a lifetime ago and yet some days it feels like yesterday.

May the change of season find you “falling” into lovely memories. too!

Susan xo