Like millions of women, I have way too many clothes in my closet.

There’s the stuff I hope to wear, like the red sequinned ball gown I intend to strut my stuff in when I get my Academy Award. Not that I’ll ever be up for one but hey, a girl can dream and if that dream comes true I really want to wear that dress.

There’s the stuff I hope never to wear. Why? Because it’s all big on me now but I worry about getting rid of it because what will I do if tomorrow morning I awaken and the stuff I always wear doesn’t fit and I’m forced to run around in my son’s rugby gear? Not a good look although the scrum cap is cute.

And then there’s the stuff I always wear. Pants, skirts, and tops in cream, white, more cream, and more white. Quiet colors that contrast beautifully with my big mouth.

But honestly, I have to get rid of the clothes — and shoes and boots and sneakers and slippers and scarves and socks and leggings — I don’t wear because there are women out there who would wear them. Who need them.

They need your “hope to wear” and “hope never to wear” collections, too.

De-clutter your closet (and your kid’s and husband’s), and bring it all to Women Giving Back (20 Export Drive, Sterling) on September 6th from 10am-1pm. I’ll be there with the SHE! Magazine team meeting, greeting, and giving really cool SHE! stuff to the first 20 folks who show up. It’s going to be a great time for a great cause. And yes, your closet will thank you.

For information about Women Giving Back and why you should support its efforts, click here and/or here.