This poor guy lost his barn. It burned to the ground. I’m willing to bet he lost more than just the structure. I imagine he lost farming equipment or animals or both. That sounds like his livelihood and that’s a lot to lose. And yet, he’s found something for which he’s grateful.

Now he can see the moon.

Let that sink in.

The folks at Better Help talk about the impact that perception of adversity has on reactions to it, saying, “Some people view adversity and obstacles as indicators that they can’t make it in life or that life is stacked against them; on the other hand, certain individuals perceive adversity as an opportunity to grow, become stronger, and rise to higher heights.”

And still, others, while growing, becoming stronger, and rising to higher heights, find something to be grateful for in the midst of the difficulty that’s befallen them. Gratitude makes the unbearable less so. It gives us a place of peace from which to regroup. In short:

Gratitude is the secret sauce of resilience.

# # #

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