I really want to know. How are you staying sane during the pandemic? I’m unsure I am sane, now or any time frankly, but since March I’ve found myself adding things to my day because, as I’m sure you’ll agree, they’ve been very long days.

Sure I’m busy with work (in fact right now I’m putting together our Best Of 2020 issue with my dear friend Samantha Spittle on the cover. Crazy, right? When I told my friend Jenn she quipped, “But I thought the best of 2020 is December 31st, 2020!”),

but I’ve also been writing for a neat site called Medium. It’s not one of those sites where the content is awful (praise God!). The writers are good and – get this – for every member who reads my pieces they pay me. I haven’t been doing it too long but boy, that extra 50 cents a month is awesome.

And now a pause while we all pray my readership picks up!

The other thing I added to my plate is opening a store on Amazon called Shop with Suzy.  It’s so much fun! I scour Amazon, find cool office accessories, pretty candles, fluffy pillows, etc., and share my finds in my store and – get this – when someone buys one of my “finds” Amazon pays me!

Again, I haven’t been doing it too long but hey, another 50 cents and I’ll have a dollar. Who’s funding their 401(k) this year? You’re looking at her!

Yep, I’m filling these long, mask-wearing, barely leaving home days with work, a few side hustles, and an inordinate amount of trolling my kids’ Instagram feeds. They love that.

Hope you’re staying sane and I hope you’ll let me know how you’re doing it!


Susan xo