Yesterday the sign went up and the lockbox went on.

That’s when things got real.

It’s also when I realized my two dozen or so realtor friends might be hurt because the sign and the lockbox aren’t their sign and lockbox. Since my realtor friends are also readers and no writer can afford to lose readers (please don’t ditch me for Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling. Oh who am I kidding? I’d totally ditch me for Mindy Kaling. “Never Have I Ever“? The BEST), I thought I’d best ‘splain myself. Pronto.

Selecting our realtors was easy. Elizabeth (Liz) Crumrine and her husband Mike are my clients. In a past life I was an advertising copy writer and, thanks to my dear friend Yaron Linett of Formal Traditional who introduced me to Liz and Mike, I now write their marketing materials. Letters. Listings. Brochures. Web copy. All that stuff that I love to write.

So, it was a no brainer. Plus, they’re terrific realtors. And no, I didn’t want to lose them as a client. I mean, I want to lose a client as much as I want to lose a reader. Which is to say I do not in the least want to lose a reader. Not to Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling.

Ok, maybe Mindy Kaling. But only because she’s so cool.