Our sweet little bungalow had its photos taken on Friday and I can only hope it remembered to brush and floss. We’ve done everything else.

We’ve painted,

Door looks nice, no?


and filled the place with flowers.

(Thanks, Charity!)

We cleared off the countertops, hid the work shoes Rob keeps in the kitchen, and stripped the bathrooms of everything we need and styled them with everything we don’t.

At this point, the house feels like a hotel

and if we could get maids, room service, laundry service, and an on-site spa, I’d never leave.

But no. It’s time for lots of new adventures and a lot less maintenance.

Sweet house, I hope you brushed and flossed and smiled pretty for that nice photographer. We’d hate to leave you in charge of the pool and the fruit trees, the lawn and all the landscaping.

But we will if we have to.