I know, I don’t look seasick…

…but I had to be and I must still be, because a) I let Chris take a photo of me without makeup and b) I just shared it with you. We’re on land now, safely ensconced in a Hilton Hotel with a gym (yay!) and a blow dryer (double yay!) and a beach and a bar and nary a sailboat in sight. Ok, there might be one out there now, but I refuse to look. I’m still recovering.

I know I talked about “heeling” in my last post, and in case you’d like to see proof of how unpleasant it is (and was for me and Deb), here’s an action pic for your perusal:

Me and Deb, holding on for dear life

Me and Deb, holding on for dear life

Oh yeah, we were seasick. And when I wasn’t stealing desperate glances at Deb and saying “Are you ok? Are you ok?” I was looking straight ahead at this —


and thinking, Dear God, I’m never going to see my sons again!

All the craziness didn’t bother Chris and Tom, though. They caught dinner through the whole damn thing and cooked it, too.


Best (and only) Mutton Snapper I’ve ever had.

More to come after I get back from the bar and using the blow dryer and borrowing a flat iron and putting some makeup on my frightening face because really, just looking at that photo? Is making me seasick.