Last night, after a long day of being wife, mom, author, chief listener, head advisor, directress of errand running, and maid, I received the most wonderful email from a woman reading Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl.  For starters, I can’t believe the book (which has been out eight years) is still finding new readers, and secondly, I can’t believe people take the time to write to me. Her note made my night and day – today! – too. It simply said:

Hi Susan
I am reading your first book and loving every stinkin bit of it! I hold off reading it cuz I don’t want it to end. I also share tidbits with my husband. And we laugh our asses off!!! Your writing style is like what circulates throughout my brain 24/7. I just don’t have the where with all of talent to capture it in prose. It is crazy crazy good!!! Thank,you!
One day we are coming out to Pearmund and I hope you will be there. I would Love to have some chat time with you!!!
Would love to learn more about Casey’s place project and its progress….if we ever cross paths out at the vineyard and you have the time.
Thank you for making me laugh, to relate and just flat out say holy crap !!!

Oh no. Thank you, Coni. And thank all of you. Writers work alone, talking to themselves, cursing at their computers, doubting their talent. Thank you for letting me know I’ve made a connection and, more importantly to me, made you laugh.