But I can’t thank you enough for joining me this past Wednesday night at Barnes and Noble in Georgetown!

Several of my dear friends from Georgetown University Hospital were there (Hi Jane and Christina!), two of my new friends from the American Farm Bureau came out, and a few of the most talented “mommy bloggers” in the blogosphere (including Mommy Needs a Cocktail, Toddler Planet, and A Parent in Silver Spring) did too. My sweet sister in law, Nancy, and my dear friend, Wendy Miller, who took all these terrific pictures, braved the flooding to support their favorite (because I am your favorite, right?) fake farm girl, and one of my earliest supporters, a guy who pushed my first book like nobody’s business while he was at Borders (cue tears for Borders…) drove all the way from Stafford or Staunton or some such terribly far away town in Virginia to celebrate with me (and keep me from fainting when a certain someone who will not be named (Kristen Hammond) made me read.

It was a wet but wonderful night. Thank you all so much for loving and supporting me.
Love, Susan xoxo


Barnes & Noble book reading

Lauren Wolkoff B&N

Lauren Wolkoff of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown

Jill from AFB at B&N

Jill Casten from the American Farm Bureau

Baby Alice at B&N

Jessica Slovak McFadden and sweet Alice McFadden, my youngest fan.