But here? It’s 7:15 and that means I’m very late for a glass of my very favorite Viognier. Pearmund Cellars 2013 Viognier. Susan! Do you mean the one Robert Parker awarded 90 points? Why yes, I do!

All my husband’s wines are winners and, if you agree, I hope you’ll take a moment to vote in the Virginia Wine Lover “Best of” Readers Choice Awards. Pearmund Cellars is competing in the following categories: Best Winery, Best Winemaker, and Best Wine Dog. Susan! Are you referring to handsome Tug, your Golden Retriever? Why yes, I am! He’s up for the title again! 

Pic with the dog

Of course, if you’d also vote for Pearmund Cellars for Best Meritage (Ameritage) and Best Viognier, I’d really appreciate it. It’s easy to do. You don’t even have to go through the whole ballot. Once you’ve voted for the categories you want to vote for, you can exit. Each vote is “entered” as soon as you click.

Many thanks and now? I’m pouring myself a glass of wine.