Dear Friends,

Sure, you can spend Sunday watching football. Or, you can spend it sipping some of Virginia’s best wine and watching the leaves change. I’ve done both (total disclosure: I’m a Giants fan), and in my opinion a glass of Vintage Ridge Vineyards’ Petit Verdot beats pigskin every time. (And the chance to pair it with a variety of local artisan cheeses, meats, and chutneys? Well that just means I may never watch Eli Manning again!)

So come out and join me this Sunday, September 18th, from 2-4pm. If you’ve already got a copy of 500 Acres and No Place to Hide, bring it and I’ll sign it (and do my best not to spill wine on it!). And if you’d like a copy, you can buy one at the vineyard and take 20% off a bottle of Vintage Ridge Vineyards wine. A beautiful view, a bottle of fine wine, and a good book. Beats the heck out of NFL Sunday Ticket to me!

Love, Susan

Vintage Ridge Vineyards
8517 Maidstone Road, Rectortown*, VA 20140
*When using GPS or mapping, please use Delaplane instead of Rectortown.

Click here for more information, including directions to Vintage Ridge Vineyards.

Praise for 500 Acres and No Place to Hide…
“She’s funny, she’s silly, she accidentally kills a chicken in the first chapter. McCorkindale is someone I could hang out with, and her book is all kinds of fun. The pleasant surprise, however, is that she’s far deeper than that.”
Things And Stuff Reviews
“Silly, funny, poignant and heart breaking all at the same time.”
“McCorkindale shows us that life goes on after cancer, and sometimes, it’s still even funny. She manages to stumble over tragedy, confess her writer’s block, and then move on with both the book and with life, and for that, she is one of my new heros.”
Toddler Planet