On the new episode of Flaws Are the New Black, the holiday shopping games have begun and already I’m certain I’ve purchased the wrong thing for my gorgeous teenage nieces. It all started innocently enough when I hit retailmenot.com’s cash back day, eager to get cash back (what a concept!) on the wines I wanted to give as gifts. I got them (or I will get them, when they arrive), but then got sucked into Sephora-land.

Did you know Rihanna has a beauty line??? I knew she was talented and beautiful and smart (sayonara, Chris Brown), but that she had her own line of makeup? No idea.

I thought this Fenty Beauty by Rihanna mini lip gloss and highlighter set was so pretty (though I would like to know what Fenty means, or is, or, oh who cares…) and really wanted one for myself (BUT I REFRAINED) and now that I’ve ordered a few to give as gifts to the aforementioned gorgeous and uber cool teens, I’m worried: what if the gift isn’t as uber cool as they are? Or worse: what if it’s soooooo last year?

So “possibly flawed holidays gifts for teen girls AND drinking boatloads of water” are the topics of the new episode of Flaws Are The New Black.


How I came to combine them I can’t recall right this moment, so you’ll have to watch and see.

Happy holiday shopping, folks. Hope your gift selections aren’t as flawed as I fear mine already are!

Susan xo