Cuy and I sat in the front. Ok, he sat. I crouched down on the floor and cried.

Keeping up with my new husband is going to get me killed. Or at least leave me terminally nauseated. At Chris’s very enthusiastic suggestion, Cuy and I went up in this lovely little (and I do mean little) 1942 Waco bi-plane yesterday.

I was told it would be a regular old ride. And it was, if you consider dipping and turning upside down regular. Which I don’t. These pics are all pre-takeoff.

Chris, me & Cuy

Cuy and me in the plane

Thumbs up

Chris didn’t take any of me drying my eyes, thanking God, and kissing the ground when we landed. Cuy said, “It was great!” Chris said, “See, Susan? Now you can take it off your bucket list!” And I said, “It wasn’t on my bucket list. It was on yours!” My bucket list includes things like “Get a ‘spa’ pedicure instead of a ‘regular’ one, and “Try every ice cream made by Ben and Jerry.” You’ll note that these lofty goals can be achieved on land. Which is where I’m staying. At least until Chris pops into my office and says “Lovely! What do you think about bungee jumping?” And then I’m totally taking off. But not in a bi-plane.