Welcome to my new, improved, refreshed, and rejuvenated website. The Blog, the most important section of the site, is now right here, on the Home page. Why? So I can better communicate with you, my treasured readers and friends, and you can more easily communicate with me. You’re here, I think, I hope!, because you already enjoy what I usually write about. But I invite you to let me know what you’d like to see more of.

I’d also like to know what you think of my foray into accepting ads. Those I’ve selected, for Kindle products and accessories and books, were picked because they’re things we readers use and can relate to. Much as I love shoes and handbags, big, jangly bracelets, and leopard print anything, ads for such wouldn’t be appropriate. (So that’s why the good Lord created hyperlinks!) But books and book paraphernalia? I can’t stop myself from shopping for that stuff and I’m betting you enjoy it, too.

Going forward you can expect more pieces about mental health (down with stigma!), the bizarre things I worry about (which have everything to do with my own mental health), aging (and why I’m stocking up on scarves), autism, the importance of care giving for caregivers, and maybe even…. dare I say it? Sex. No vulgarity – that’s not my style. Just funny stuff.

So again, welcome. Tool around. And let me know what you think.



P.S. Many, many thanks to the incredibly talented Leanne Wildermuth for putting up with my zillions of emails, questions, and requests during the redesign of this site. My picture appears in the dictionary next to the words “technologically challenged.” Hers appears next to the words “patience of a Saint” and “Design Guru Extraordinaire.”