Let the holiday shopping games begin

On the new episode of Flaws Are the New Black, the holiday shopping games have begun and already I’m certain I’ve purchased the wrong thing for my gorgeous teenage nieces. It all started innocently enough when I hit retailmenot.com’s cash back day, eager to get cash back (what a concept!) on the wines I wanted to give as gifts. I got them (or I will get them, when they arrive), but then got sucked into Sephora-land.

Did you know Rihanna has a beauty line??? I knew she was talented and beautiful and smart (sayonara, Chris Brown), but that she had her own line of makeup? No idea.

I thought this Fenty Beauty by Rihanna mini lip gloss and highlighter set was so pretty (though I would like to know what Fenty means, or is, or, oh who cares…) and really wanted one for myself (BUT I REFRAINED) and now that I’ve ordered a few to give as gifts to the aforementioned gorgeous and uber cool teens, I’m worried: what if the gift isn’t as uber cool as they are? Or worse: what if it’s soooooo last year?

So “possibly flawed holidays gifts for teen girls AND drinking boatloads of water” are the topics of the new episode of Flaws Are The New Black.

How I came to combine them I can’t recall right this moment, so you’ll have to watch and see.

Happy holiday shopping, folks. Hope your gift selections aren’t as flawed as I fear mine already are!

Susan xo

The Grief Keeper

The Grief Keeper is what the lovely folks at TEDxTyons call me in their promo flyer for the event this Saturday, November 9th. (I’m in the morning session for which there are EIGHT whole tickets left. Get one – they’re going fast!)

The Grief Keeper moniker is apt and I can only surmise that it came from my terrific coach, Nicole Jones, who’s worked with me from the 4000+ word mess I started with, to what I believe is a 10-minute talk that can change lives. Does my talk make grieving any easier? No. Grief sucks. But my talk can help you handle it in a whole new way and even use it to do good things in your corner of the Universe.

Zoom in on the above roster of tremendous speakers taking the TEDxTysons stage on Saturday. Each one was hand-picked because of their “idea worth sharing” which is what TED‘s all about.

Sure, the event starts early – eek! 9:30am on Saturday morning. But believe me when I tell you, you might arrive tired, but you’ll most certainly leave inspired.

Hope to see you there!

Susan xo


3D glasses not required at TED Talks!

The people in the above photo? I have no idea who they are. But I did test my upcoming TED Talk on several groups of willing victims and got some terrific feedback:

“One of the only TED Talks I’ve heard with an idea that is immediately actionable – it’s not a takeaway, it’s something that changes you right then and there.’

“Susan’s taken an everyday issue and given it a voice.’

“If death is one of the only guarantees in life, then Susan’s talk will make you realize that allowing your grief in is the only way we’ll all make it out alive.’

I give my first TED Talk on November 9 at this year’s TEDxTysons event. When I get the link, I’ll post it here. I hope you’ll watch it, “like” it, share it, and leave me YOUR feedback!

Susan xo

Best Vacation Ever

Me and my honey on the beach at sunset in Olde Naples, Florida.

I’ve just returned from the best vacation ever. My sweetheart booked us a condo for a week in Olde Naples, Florida, and from the moment we set eyes on the place we fell in love with it. Right now, it’s #1 on our list of places to retire to. Of course we need to return during the busy season and check it out, but I have a feeling it will pass muster and then we’ll be on the hunt for a place of our own!

Below is the Fifth Avenue Beach Club, where we stayed. Our condo was perfect and we were just two blocks from the beach.

And here’s the little chateau we fell in love with…

Maybe we can buy this beauty if Santa brings us a trillion dollars for Christmas!

We fell in love with the shops and restaurants on 5th Avenue.

There are sooooo many restaurants to choose from on 5th Avenue.

And the wine selection, too.

Mmmmm Meiomi Pinot Noir. Such a delicious discovery.

And made some lovely new friends.

Our new friends Cathrine and Eric, owners of Bellini on 5th. Just GREAT food.

And of course we loved the beach. The water was warm, waveless, and filled with all kinds of fish, some of whom jumped out of the water toward us. Yes, I screamed.

Didn’t get any pics of the jumping fish so this will have to suffice!

We loved the palm trees and the lily pads and the incredible flowers we discovered in the Botanical Gardens.

The entire trip was magical and both of us are hoping we can return in March. Fingers crossed. xo

Our new friend Monica took the beach pics for us. I love this one so much.

Thanks for joining me on my walk down memory lane!