No Guilt

A wise woman once told me, “Guilt is a wasted emotion.” It’s like sitting in a rocking chair; it’ll give you something to do, but it’s not going to get you anywhere. In fact, the only place guilt takes us is down a deep, dark rabbit hole of self-loathing where lots of us (present company included) like to set up camp and stew about what lousy human beings we are. We’re not lousy human beings. We’re simply human. For more, join me here.

Trust your gut

We know the truth by the way it feels.

Trust your gut is one of those expressions it took me a long time to embrace. Why? Because I have a great gut and lots of times it tells me things I don’t want to hear. A few years ago, though after another of those life-defining moments, I made a deal with myself: from then on, I’d listen to my gut. And you know what happened? Today my gut is so good, I could lend it to people. Seriously. Going on a first date? Take my gut with you. Job interview? Take my gut, please. The more we trust our gut – our intuition – the stronger it gets. For more, join me here.

You Can’t Pour From An Empty Vessel

We all need time to refuel and recharge.

You can’t pour from an empty vessel. In good times and especially during tough times, we need to take time to refuel. Read a book. Take a walk. Call a friend and, if you need to, ask that friend for help. Ask that friend to come sit with a sick child or spouse so you can take a nap or get a haircut, go to the grocery store or take a drive. We all need time to recharge. And recharging bolsters our resilience. For more, join me here.

Survival of the Grateful-est

“Gratitude is the gateway drug to awesomeness.” Jen Sincero

There’s something I like to call Survival of the Grateful-est. It’s kind of like survival of the fittest, but better. It’s good to be fit, but it’s crucial to be grateful. In fact, the more we are thankful for what we have, the more we will have to be thankful for. Gratitude feeds resilience. Click here for more. You’ll be thankful you did.