And the wine was wonderful, too

I spent yesterday afternoon at Philip Carter Winery with one of my dearest friends: the beautiful and super smart Jennifer Heyns, author of Bargaining for Our Lives: Navigating the World of Healthcare without Insurance. If you got there, you already know that the music was great, the four-legged family members were out in force (and none of them peed on my boots – a plus!), and the wine was delish. If you didn’t get there, don’t worry; I took some pictures so you could see what you missed…

Jennifer Heyns and Philip Carter

Books and wine. Need I say more?
If I'm holding a dog, you know I'm drinking. 🙂

About the pretty white pup. His name is Pomeroy and he’s one of two Virginia Wine Dogs that blog. How he and his sister see the keyboard under all that hair I don’t know, but I’m guessing they get some human help.

And speaking of human help, Jenn and I got some too. Thanks to Trish and Brian, Adrienne and Michelle, Karen, Janelle, Renee and Chuck, Becky, Michelle, and Cyndi for hanging out with us. And many thanks to Dick and Philip for inviting us in the first place!

Next up for me: the Middleburg Women Networking Luncheon on November 17th.  What to wear, what to wear…

Thank God it’s Saturday…

And Cuyler doesn’t have a football game.

And it’s finally cold (not that I like the cold, but I hate wishy washy weather).

And Casey doesn’t have to be at work until eleven.

And Stu and I survived his first round of FOLFOX chemo, his first experience with home infusion (with the help of a European-style man purse that clashed with his shoes but that’ll look real good with the Speedo he’s getting from Santa), and his brand new, constant craving for pie.

And I can sit here for a few more minutes, sipping my coffee and watching the sunrise and wondering if any of the cute polo ponies in this picture will let me ride them. Of course it might be safer if I just went back to bed. But hey, I’ve got a free Saturday. Not to mention access to a saddle…

Just horsin' around, honest!

Let’s do lunch!

November is a big month for me. My oldest turns nineteen (how that can be when I’m only twenty-nine, I don’t know), and I’ve been invited to be the guest speaker at the Middleburg Women Networking Luncheon on November 17th. I’m sure you don’t want to come to my kid’s party and play Madden 2011 and watch a special screening of Jackass 3D, but I definitely think you should join me for lunch. Rumor has it the Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn is lovely, the food and wine are wonderful, and the guest speaker has promised to be sufficiently sleep-deprived so she doesn’t tawk at the speed of sound. For complete details and to register, visit Middleburg Women. Hope to see you next month!

Top six things I’ve learned in the last five days

1. Popping out a painfully dry, cloudy contact lens while driving is a virtually surefire way to lose the lens. And doing it while simultaneously turning the AC on full blast guarantees you’ll do the rest of your errands half blind. Until of course you stop, spend ten minutes combing every inch of the filthy floor, finally, unbelievably find the folded, hairy, crumb covered lens, suck it back to life and pop it back in your eye.

2. I am not a germaphobe. Obviously.

3. “Ride on carts have a single rider rule for a reason, ma’am!” Ok, ok. But I’m still not doing the dumb speed limit.

4. Tearing out a clump of hair and a couple of eyelashes during a therapy session devoted to your trichotillomania (a.k.a. compulsive hair pulling) will result in your therapist making you wear a hand puppet for the full fifty-five minutes. Specifically a bumble bee hand puppet. It was cute, but it clashed with my outfit.

5. “I have a hard on!” is eleven year-old boy speak for “My heart is racing!” and no reason to drive off the road. Unless of course you’ve lost a contact lens or been forced to leave an accessory you’ve grown (begrudgingly) fond of at the shrink’s so other budding baldies can use it.

6. The water running up your thigh in the shower is a stinkbug.