Lately I’m on a mission to find books that support my “flaws are the new black” position. I find them, read them, and share them with a “Hey, you! Love yourself already for Pete’s sake!” type attitude. Yes, I’m a little impatient. It’s one of my “flaws.” But, as any of you who have taken my 5 Days Toward Loving Your Perfect Imperfection course already know, I am totally PRO that flaw. Why? Because impatience has its place and I’m getting a little tired of hearing people (hello! women!) beat themselves up for Everything. Under. The. Sun.

The pandemic? Must be my fault!

You hate your job? Please, let me open a vein!

Look folks, this isn’t a dress rehearsal. Nobody’s going around twice and nobody’s getting out of here alive. (Wow. So many cliches. So little time.) Accept yourself already and go enjoy your life.

In the case of this particular book, Present Over Perfect, it blends two of the topics I get on my soapbox about. The first, obviously, is the perfection bullshit. Just. Stop. It. And the second is our collective penchant for living anywhere but the present. So many of us live in the future. It will be better when… Really? You’re already there? How can you be so sure you’re going to get there? And then there are those of us who live in the past. For God’s sake, Let. It. Go!  Make your peace with it. Stop dwelling there.

Come dwell here, in the present, where the action is, where your life is. This is the moment not to be missed. (Can you tell I’m starting to feel like Cher in Moonstruck when she slaps Nick Cage and yells, “Snap out of it!”? I am. Sorry. It goes back to that whole impatience thing I’ve got going.)

This moment is all we’ve got. And because it’s all I’ve got too, I’m going to leave you with this. Stop pursuing perfection and start pursuing presence.

You’ll thank me.

Love, Susan xo