Because most of the shop owners on Main Street have water bowls set out for dogs. Drum and Strum’s is my favorite.

I love Warrenton

Because even if I’m not feeling or for that matter, looking, particularly angelic, I can try on a pair of wings and convince myself I’m gonna rock Heaven’s socks. If I can get past Saint Peter.


Because I swear I used to own this tank top.


Because I can get advice from a bear without being in the woods. And it’s darn good advice, too.

Eat Local sign

Because the sign in front of Deja Brew always makes my day.street sign

Because sometimes I make fantastic discoveries like a sale at my favorite store. And who can resist a sale?

store front

Because there’s always someplace pretty to stop and take a break from my walk which I really shouldn’t do lest I end up looking like that advice giving bear.

sidewalk table and chairs

And because clearly my little town welcomes odd balls like me (with their own club, no less). Maybe one day I’ll try to join. I’m not a fellow but I’m definitely an odd chick speed walking down Main Street in the morning sun, stopping to snap pics with my iPhone and sweating all over the screen

Charity Lodge