So delish! Discovered it at Claire’s at the Depot.

El Enemico wine
We were at Davios in Philadelphia when we discovered this to-die-for Malbec.
Kadette wine
And we found this incredibly delectable blend at Field and Main. I’m in love with it.

Forever and ever, I’ve talked and written about how much I love Chardonnay, and I do. But lately, red’s have been more my thing. It started at Davios in Philadelphia when Robert and I were there in June for a rugby tournament.

Several months later, we discovered CrossBarn at Claire’s at the Depot. Our main man, Gino, recommended it and, as always, he was on the money. (If you don’t know Gino, stop in some Wednesday night and say hello. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and funny. Just how the perfect bartender should be!)

As for the Kanonkop Kadette, we discovered that this summer when my brother, Nick, was visiting. We took him to Field and Main in Marshall (our favorite spot as it’s where we had our first date) and I read about it on the wine list. It just sounded great, so we ordered a bottle. It blew us away. And now it’s my favorite wine.

Chardonnay, I will always love you. But I’m changing things up a bit for a bit. I’m going red for the foreseeable future and filling my phone with pictures of all the Cabs and Malbecs and blends I find and love – so I can find them online and stock up. 🙂 It’s getting so I have more photos of wine than people on my phone!

Cheers to a great weekend and a glass of your favorite wine!