On what was probably our first trip together, before my husband became my husband, I stood outside Dulles airport waiting for him to park the car. He’s so sweet. He drops me off, so I don’t have to walk from the lot to the departure gate. All I need to do is watch the luggage. All the luggage.

I had a bag to carry on and one to check.

My husband had one to carry on and four to check.

I remember snapping a photo of his long line of luggage and posting it on Facebook. The responses made me laugh.

“Are you guys moving?”

“That’s waaaaay too much stuff!”

And my mother, “Sue, are you two running away? Must I remind you that you have children?!”

It really was too much luggage. It still is. I’m writing this in our hotel room while I watch him pack so we can head home. Both my bags are packed and ready to go.

This post concludes here. Thanks for making the leap!

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