Please hit Amazon Tuesday, March 6th, for your copy of Mothers of Intention!

Here’s what the critics are saying…..

“A brilliant fist-pumping, ‘hell-yeah!’ great read. Bipartisan proof … of the power & validity of women in the political arena through their savvy use of social media.” –Lara DiPaola, & author, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom blog

“One of the most important political books of 2012!” — Jason Williams, Host of For The People Show, KVNU Radio, Provo, Utah

“A real awakening about women online!” — Maggie Linton, co-host, Cover to Cover show, XM/Sirius Radio

” …[P]ositive and energizing, no matter whether you’re a C-SPAN junkie or barely get a second to skim the headlines over coffee. [Mothers of Intention] is a great reminder that while mothers differ on specific issues, our common concern for our kids’ futures unites us.”– Cool Mom Picks,

“Encouraging mothers to step up & enter the political fray, whether through public policy process or espousing political opinions in blogs or columns, Bamberger calls upon mothers to muster their courage, harness their intellectual prowess & change the political conversation.” Meredith O’Brien, columnist,

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Bamberger and she, and her insightful, thought-provoking, book are one of a kind. Please check out her Facebook page and give Mothers of Intention a try on Super Tuesday, March 6th! Thanks!

Love ya, Susan