I subscribe to a service called TED Recommends. Once a week I get a link to a TED talk that, based on my viewing history, they think I’ll enjoy. It’s a little Big Brother-ish, but I don’t mind since they’re almost always right. And this week’s selection, well I didn’t just like it, I loved it. It arrived at the perfect time, the perfect time being defined (by me) as any time I really need a boost, a pep talk, inspiration, a canon blasting me out of my self-doubt and defeatist thoughts.

Yeah. It’s been a week. Maybe six.

So what did they send me? Diana Nyad’s talk at TEDWomen 2013, about her achieving her lifetime goal of swimming 100 miles from Cuba to Key West, Florida. 100 miles! Swimming! All day! All night! Covered in jellyfish! Choking on salt water! And cold! So cold!

And 64 years-old. 

TEDWomen 2013, SF Jazz Center, San Francisco, CA, December 4, 2013. Photo: Marla Aufmuth

I needed to watch this talk. Maybe you need to watch it, too. Why not take a few minutes and do something good just for you. Something that will leave you feeling like you can do anything no matter what your age, that the only thing stopping you, is you.

Here’s the link, again, because I’m persistent like that. You’ll thank me.

Susan xo