Why do I keep this stuff?

Why do I keep this stuff? Not the skin creams and pore fillers and primer, I know why I keep those (and keep my fingers crossed when I use them). Not the makeup. I know I have to keep — and use — that lest I scare the entire world (not to mention myself) silly. But the barettes and hair bands. Why have I kept them? I have short hair, for God’s sake. The sparkly barrette below makes me look like I’ve lost half my tiara and all of my mind,

and this hair band makes me look like a post-menopausal Pebbles. Can you even imagine how fast Bam Bam would bolt? (And check out those dark bags. Poor Pebbles has really gone to pot.)

I haven’t held onto this stuff because I want my hair long again. I don’t. Going from short to long is best left to gorgeous “kids” like Kaley Cuoco (who’s short “do” I adored). At my age less is more. Shorter is better. Napping is a necessity.

And taking selfies in a room lit with anything but a 40 watt bulb should be against the law.




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I know, I don’t look seasick

I know, I don't look seasick...
I know, I don’t look seasick…

but I had to be and I must still be, because a) I let Chris take a photo of me without makeup and b) I just shared it with you. We’re on land now, safely ensconced in a Hilton Hotel with a gym (yay!) and a blow dryer (double yay!) and a beach and a bar and nary a sailboat in sight. Ok, there might be one out there now, but I refuse to look. I’m still recovering.

I know I talked about “heeling” in my last post, and in case you’d like to see proof of how unpleasant it is (and was for me and Deb), here’s an action pic for your perusal:

Me and Deb, holding on for dear life
Me and Deb, holding on for dear life

Oh yeah, we were seasick. And when I wasn’t stealing desperate glances at Deb and saying “Are you ok? Are you ok?” I was looking straight ahead at this —


and thinking, Dear God, I’m never going to see my sons again!

All the craziness didn’t bother Chris and Tom, though. They caught dinner through the whole damn thing and cooked it, too.


Best (and only) Mutton Snapper I’ve ever had.

More to come after I get back from the bar and using the blow dryer and borrowing a flat iron and putting some makeup on my frightening face because really, just looking at that photo? Is making me seasick.


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In case you missed it…

My segment on “Reinvent Yourself with More Magazine” is airing right on the home page of my web site! Just click on the word “Home” above, and you can’t miss it. It’s the top video, with the photo of both Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl and 500 Acres and No Place to Hide front and center. I have to thank my incredible friends at Salon Emage for doing my hair and makeup (Charla and Shauna, you are the best!), and give an extra special shout out to Charla who stayed with me the entire 100-degree day to make sure I didn’t melt in front of the camera. You are an angel, girlfriend. My deepest thanks also to the talented and beautiful Kim Petro of Joslyn Place Photography who braved the temps to take pics of the entire endeavor. Many thanks also to producer Jeanne Kelly and More marketing director Ann Baird for selecting me for inclusion. It was an honor and I do hope you enjoy it!

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