🌟Count your blessings.🌟

Hmm, I guess that’s more than a thought since it sounds a whole lot like a directive which might mean I’m feeling a little feisty but, hey, I’m the first born, giving directives (and short sheeting the beds of younger siblings who don’t follow them) is something I do best.

But I digress.

Blessings. Count them.

We awakened on January 1st and couldn’t kid ourselves. It was exactly the same as 2020. Of course I’m optimistic things will get better, but right now, eh. It’s the same. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my brothers and sisters in law. I miss my nieces and nephew. I miss my future sisters in law and brothers in law and all their families. (Yes, I got engaged on New Year’s Eve! ) I miss not worrying about hugging my sons. It all still stinks. But there are millions who would give anything for just one of our stinky days. I know Stu would. He’ll be gone 10 years – 10 years – in April. He’d hate this pandemic and its restrictions just like the rest of us do, but he’d love to see this sunrise.

He can’t do that. But we can. We are blessed to see another day. This day. Don’t forget that. When things are dark, look for the light. When things are bad, look for the good. The light is there. The good is there. Those are your blessings.

🌟Find them. Count them. Take strength from them.🌟