And I have been having some fun.

A few days ago I appeared on the Be Better At Business TV show. For half an hour, host Jamie Gorman and I had a terrific time discussing one of my favorite topics. No, not chardonnay, advertising copy writing. Marketing. Headlines. Selling stuff to unsuspecting consumers. We had some technical difficulties at first, during which we thought the microphones weren’t working but, as it turned out, they were. Thanks to all of you who wrote to compliment me on my mellifluous rendition of “The Hills Are Alive.” Yikes! If you missed my interview and would like to see it, it’s here. No singing, promise.

Right before that, my new column “My Face Is Up To (I Mean, Down To) No Good” ran at the top of the Huffington Post’s Huff Po/50 site. For us writer types, this is a big deal, like having your article appear at the top of the fold of the New York Times. It means you done good. So of course I called my mom, printed out the piece, and insisted she tape it to the refrigerator.

And speaking of things taped to refrigerators, this photo of my son Cuyler went up on mine last night. He took first place twice at AllSports Grand Prix Kids’ Racing School this weekend. My very own little Mario Andretti. (But sorry Cuy. Ya still can’t take the car.)

CB with helment

All this, and it’s only the 4th. Hope your February is off to a fabulous start, too!