When last I saw my handsome husband, he was off to a supermarket in Roatan to stock up on food, coffee, rum, toothpaste, sunblock, rum, fruit, granola, and, did I mention?, rum, in preparation for what became, I think, a three day sail with 50mph winds. I was off to catch a plane home, which is where I am now, although looking at these photos (and the those I posted previously), I really wish I’d stayed. A crazy windy, multi-day sail sounds scary, but not nearly as frightening as the mountain of laundry I returned to.

Speaking of frightening, here’s a pic of me and “Tom” at the Iguana farm. Yes, I realize I’m the bigger turkey. Just look at that hair.


As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not just a turkey. I’m a chicken. See how far away I stayed from “Tom”? (Or maybe he was staying away from me and my Peter Frampton frizz.) Chris has no such fear and was more than happy to hold the Iguanas and have his picture taken with them.


I don’t know if you can see the leaves below, but he fed them and they climbed all over themselves to get to the food. The thought of Iguanas swarming at my feet really freaked me out.


Maybe it’s because of all the years I lived on a farm, but I’m much more comfortable with the cows. Wow, can you even believe I just said that? This guy’s a Brahma.



I thought the pelican was pretty neat, too, though as you can see he was creeped out by my milky white legs and lovely “do.”


My hair doesn’t look much better now, which may be why Tug is giving me the cold shoulder, but I don’t care. It makes me feel like I’m still away, sailing, exploring, and enjoying fruity drinks made with all that rum. It’s always nice to come home, but this time I think I returned a little too soon!