Dear Family and Friends,

A month ago I started a new job as development officer for the Lord Fairfax Community College Foundation. I love it. My responsibility is simply to raise money for scholarships and improvements to the school’s Fauquier campus and it’s a very fulfilling change from the days when my job was to steal the Pampers business from Redbook and give it to Family Circle. Family Circle is a very deserving magazine, but kids with economic needs and college dreams are even more so. It’s nice to be doing something good for somebody else all day.

My first fundraiser is coming up and I’m touched by the number of people in my adopted community who’ve signed on to help make it a hit. If you’ll be in Warrenton on June 21st, please join me for the LFCC Foundation’s first ever Celebrity Bartending fundraiser. Drinking, dining, and carousing for a good cause. Hope to see you there.