Here it is, a very wet Wednesday in Placencia. Chris, Non-Paul, and I are sitting in Above Grounds coffee shop nursing huge mochas and drying off. At 4:30am this morning, we set sail for Utilla, but had to turn back due to gale force winds, crazy high waves, and rain. The trip was fun for awhile, with all hands on deck


and freezing their choppers off. Above is Non-Paul/Dan, Maureen, my insane husband, and Don. Below in the yellow is Al, and Steve’s wearing red.

on the boat

You’ll note that everyone is appropriately attired in waterproof rain gear. I forgot to pack some. Ok, that’s a lie. I stood in our kitchen last Friday night and said, Nah, I’ll leave my raincoat home. It’s not going to rain! Oy vey. One of these days my eternal optimism is going get me in trouble. Or at least land me in the hospital with pneumonia.


But not today. Today Chris and my big, yummy mocha are keeping me warm. I know, I shouldn’t complain. Most of you are “enjoying” record low temps and snow and all manner of cold weather awfulness. So, I’m not complaining! I’m finishing my coffee, grabbing my copy of The Placencia Breeze (with its article on the Placencian Tom Cruise, a good looking guy name Fermin Choc), my new Above Grounds Coffee House cap (which I’m pretty certain Chris bought because he felt bad about how long we’ve been sitting here, hogging up the table), and heading back out into the rain.

Fingers crossed we make it to Utilla tomorrow!